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Bewider is an electronic music project conceived on 2013 by producer Piernicola Di Muro, long time active music composer for film and television. The first EP, ‘A Place To Be Safe‘ was released on February 2015 and widely acclaimed by the critics, and the second one, ‘Dissolve’ in october 2016.

Bewider fluctuates between many different influences, embracing a wide musical chromatic spectrum: ranging from the Ambient enriched with electronic inserts, to the Electro-Dance, all mixed in a cinematic and modern style.

Full Panorama is perhaps the most intimate, irrational and emotional work I’ve done. Not only because I freely followed what I really felt close to musically speaking, but also because it is an album that comes from a very important moment of my life: a moment of creative change, of transformation. I wanted to make an album that started strongly from elements that are closest to my heart, which are cinema and imagery. I thought about what cinematically represented me the most. I imagined what the soundtrack I wanted to accomplish would sound like, and these 12 tracks were born. These are more than 12 tracks in themselves, they represent a complete and unitary work, as a whole. It is a journey, a path, that evolves throughout the entire span of the album, and that touches several musical stages of my life.

Full Panorama is an electronic and very performative composition. Each track was born almost exclusively from manipulations, and then recordings on analog modular synthesizers where the possibility of repeating is reduced to almost zero, creating a great musical spontaneity.

Electronic music has this great imaginative ability to explore new sounds, new landscapes, while providing lots of suggestions. The technology associated with electronic music has always been, for me, an interesting tool for exploration and expression. The research on (and in) sound become a compositional act that goes beyond the notes themselves.

To get to this album, it took a lot of time and effort. Decisions were made, directions were abandoned, and many ideas I had fallen in love with were discarded.
This was a path so tough and rewarding at the same time – hence a full panorama. The word ‘panorama’ recalls an enlarged but clear vision, metaphorically approaching the beauty and fascination that the panoramic screen of cinema let us experience.

I would like you to listen the album with quality headphones or speakers because it needs your full attention to capture all of the minute details.
It is also a deeply true album because of its mistakes and hazards. It is a free and happy work, suspended on hold, but constantly present. With this album I wanted to tell a story, while also letting those who listen to it to invent, with their imagination, their own story. And now that the album is complete, what I want more is to start a new creation, so that the research continues.